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How to Start a Painting Business

Do you want to learn how to start a painting business, and operate as your own personal boss on a daily basis? A Teaberry Painting franchise is an exceptional option to fulfill just that career goal.

Founded by a man named Glen Morrison, the company is an excellent franchise choice for those who want to exhibit an honest attitude and execute a signature brand of innovation and organization in an industry that’s always in high demand. 

How to Start a Painting Business – The First Steps 

To start a painting business, you first need to register the name of your business – whatever it is you’d like to call it – with the Secretary of State. Each individual state has different requirements pertaining to the process of starting a house painting business

Pay close attention that you follow all requirements before setting up your new LLC, if you choose to go that route. The state will then give you a Federal EIN number, or registration number, to set up a business banking system and for tax purposes. 


How to Start a Painting Business – The Pre-Game

Anyone wishing to start a painting business will first by getting a painting license though the state in which they live. They will require insurance plans, also, before you can start accepting new clients. For instance, it is pretty standard for state’s to require $1,000,000 general liability insurance, and $1,000,000 for each occurrence. 

Workers Compensation Requirements vary state to state, as well. You may need to call the proper local government offices to check and make sure your house painting business meets the local rule.


Gathering the Supplies

After you decide whether you want to use employees for your house painting business, or if you intend to use subcontractors, you are responsible for purchasing supplies. 

The materials most useful to start a painting business through Teaberry Painting  include ladders, brushes, rollers and trays, paint sprayers, caulk guns, paint scrapers, wire brushes, and sandpaper. 

If you are using subcontractors, however, you will not have to gather as many supplies, like paint or brushes, as your independent contractors will have those items themselves. 


Market Your Business 

There are many ways to market your house painting business service to potential clients, from word of mouth among those you know to creating popular social media pages and printing/distributing fliers to producing local television commercials (if you have a budget for that). 

Once your marketing is off and running, and you begin to attract a few clients, you are ready to set forth on your first job, as you are in the final stages of starting a painting business franchise with Teaberry Painting. 

Now, it is time to move on to working with clients…and making money! 


Handling Customers 


  • When a customer calls for service, give them a competitive quote on the price it will cost them. If they accept the quoted price, then it is time to complete the services requested in a timely and professional way.


  • Make sure the completed job is of the highest level of quality, so it meets the standards of Teaberry Painting, and in order to impress your new customers so that they will refer your franchise business to their friends and family.


  • They may even stick to calling you whenever they need a house painting business like yours to complete their house painting needs. This not only helps you retain business, but also spreads the Teaberry name and positively hone the brand’s reputation.


  • Whether you wish to complete the job yourself, send subcontractors, or have your own hired employees to handle the task at hand will determine the final steps in attracting future clients and additional business. And that means profit!


  • Additionally, Teaberry Painting’s franchise service options will help you create a successful franchise enterprise every step of the way, from the challenge of starting a painting business and marketing. Teaberry has your back!