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What to Know Before You Search for a Painter Near Me

If you are growing tired of staring at the same color on your walls, you may want to search “painter near me.” However, you should know a few things before you do that. If it were that easy, local SEO algorithms would take over, and you would be offered 10 of the top “painters near me” or “painting companies near me.”

Unfortunately, many local businesses–in this case, painters or contractors–don’t understand what Local SEO is, so you need to know what you want before you search. If you don’t research before searching for a “painter near me,” you may only get the expensive ones who have the money to afford an SEO content strategist (and may pass along that vendor cost to you).

Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) tactic that, when leveraged correctly, will help any company search better for the popular “near me” search. Those two words target geography for any business to rank in that area. Any painting contractor where you live would benefit greatly from Local SEO, but some may not know how, so the user should do some homework before the search happens.

It is important to know that when you type “interior painters near me,” Google is not doing a live search at that moment. Instead, Google AI (artificial intelligence) is searching stored copies of every site that has done the right things with their website to be listed within the search engine’s index–that represents 92.5% of all searches on the Internet.

Worry about what painting contractors are doing later. Let’s focus on what you should do before you search because only that effort beforehand will provide you with the best results and get your home painted the best it can.

Is this job DIY or DIFM?

With enough YouTube videos, the DIY (do-it-yourself) painting job has become much easier. If it’s a small job to add color to a wall or two, you may want to invest some of your time and do it yourself. It could be rewarding for you. If you are looking at the job and believe it is a DIFM job (do-it-for-me), ensure it’s ample enough space, like an entire room or a whole ceiling. Some painters won’t come out unless your needs pass a minimum threshold. If you want “painters near me,” know what is the minimum it takes to get them there.

Prepare for the Pros

If you have your sights set on searching for a “painter near me,” do what you can to get ready. Many painters charge by the hour, so it will take longer if they have to do the house cleaning. Consider moving your furniture, removing outlet covers, and even cleaning the walls from dust and dirt.

Know Your Home’s Age

Before you open Google and type “painting companies near me,” one thing is essential–know how old your home is. Not all homes were created equal. If you live in an older house, your painter needs to know. That tells them the work involved before they get to your home. How many layers of paint are on your wall? If your house is 30 years old or more, probably several. If your home was built in the ‘80s, your walls could have lead paint. Both examples mean more money should have been allotted in your quote.

Check Out Those Painters Near Me

Whether you’re searching for “interior painters near me” or an “exterior painter near me,” they should all have permits and insurance. If you don’t check credentials, how will you know if they are legitimate? Sure, they can paint, but if you can’t prove their expertise, you may pay for a paint job that isn’t worth what you paid and will not be guaranteed. Ask questions after searching for a local painter, but do some research first.

Check the Reviews of Any “Painter Near Me”

Unscrupulous or sloppy painters have nowhere to hide with cloud-based review sites like Yelp or Google. There are also contractor sites like Angi or Houzz. All of those have reviews about whatever painter you consider for your home. What have past clients thought about those “painting companies near me” and their work? There are excellent reviews for many painters, but without that research before your search, you won’t know what you’re missing.

Know the Type of “Painter Near Me” You Need

Many homeowners want recognizable chains to paint their house because if they’re that large, they “must be good.” But some local businesses–known as the “Mom and Pop” shops–can do a job just as good and not charge nearly as much. They don’t have the overhead that larger commercial companies have. Also, what kind of job do you want on your walls? Do you want a mural? Are you hoping for stencils? Did you see Harlequin or Stripes on TikTok and thought about that for your house? How do you know that one “painter near me” can do it? You won’t unless you do your research first.