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Three Reasons a Painting Company Franchise is a Good Opportunity

If you know anything about Teaberry Painting, you have heard we are one of the fastest growing painting company franchise companies in the nation. Why? We believe our franchisees are more than business owners; they are part of a family who represent a quality to service and attention to detail that can’t be found in any other franchise painting company

The painting industry alone is worth $37 billion, which means there is ample opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to do what you love – adding color to someone’s greatest investment

We can help with that easily. Nonetheless, you need to know why thinking about this investment into a franchise painting company is a good idea or not. If you have the passion to paint someone’s home or business, but are uncertain about starting your own business, pay attention. This post is for the entrepreneur inside you. 

A Painting Company Franchise Proof of Concept

It has been said, written, and broadcast for the past couple of years about why the home improvement industry has consistently tracked upward to what is now a $621 billion juggernaut. In short, people were quarantined, spent endless hours looking at their four walls, and began thinking about what was wrong with what they saw every day. 

Among the many changes being made in or around the house has been a new color on the walls. If you were thinking about a painting company franchise, there couldn’t be a better time. The demand is always there, regardless of where you live or where you work.

There are always homeowners ready to call a painter and invest in their home. You paint now. You know the feelings you receive when hearing a homeowner thrilled about the finished product. So, why not take it a step further and become your own boss of a painting company franchise?

How did Teaberry Painting become successful to the point where it can offer other people the chance of owning a business? Work is in demand. You know. You’ve been busier than ever with different projects because your employer has been taking more phone calls than ever. The quality of your work speaks for itself, but all you get is the praise and a salary. What if you owned that franchise painting company business? 





Place of Ownership

Admit it. You’ve gone to work ready to make another masterpiece out of someone’s home thinking, “I could run this business better.” You’re a team leader and love your team. You treat them right, pay them well, and reward their work, but that’s where it stops because your employer takes over once the job is over. 

If this painting company franchise or business was yours, you already know what you do differently to keep employees and recruit new ones. So, why not do it? 

Did you know owning a painting company franchise is among the easier franchises to get in and get moving? What do you need to become an owner in the painting industry? Drive, determination, and not as many dollars as you think. 

What kind of startup costs do you need? You already have a truck, paint brushes, and the paint? There are no high-tech needs or heavy machinery to buy. You don’t even need a warehouse or an impressive office space. College education isn’t even a requisite to owning a franchise painting company. It may help with business management, but you have been painting homes and businesses for 15 years already. Sounds like you already have an education to understand what it takes to become an owner. 

Be daring. Be different from other people you know in this industry. Become an owner and operator. Treat people differently, the way you believe they should be treated. Be responsible for someone making more money in this industry. If the time is always “tomorrow,” the prosperity you want today will never come. 

Positioning for the Future

Low startup costs? Check. Area for your passion to become a purpose? Check. No lofty education requirements? Check. Depending on where you live, hiring and training is a simple process for painting. You don’t even need to get 28 different certifications before you have the proof that you are good at this. 

If you are eager to become a business owner of a painting company franchise, there are several reasons to show that you can do this. Even if you don’t feel comfortable marketing your business, the painting industry alleviates that issue too. Who is your audience? Construction companies, rental property managers or owners, and the thousands of homeowners around you. Essentially, everyone is a potential customer. 

What’s available for you in the future? A marketplace eager to use your skills (and those of your future employees). That community is waiting for you to let people know you are open for business. Painting isn’t just “painting.” There is knowledge of what types of paint and finishes. You know how to explain primers and acrylics, flat and matte, latex and enamel, or even satin and semi-gloss. Many businesses act as if “paint is paint.” It’s not. You know that, so why not help teach new customers that as well. You can gain credibility, earn trust, and–this is one of the main reasons you’re here–make money. 

Your own franchise painting company creates high profit margins because many people want their house painted, but can’t imagine how to even get started. That’s why you can charge above the cost of paint–supply and demand. They can do it, but they’re concerned about doing it well. Let them trust you so you can make their dreams possible. 

According to U.S. News, the most skilled painters made $55,590 in 2020, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $34,300. You feel you are worth more than that? Become an owner of your own painting company franchise and you can earn far more than that and begin to pay others more than that too. Your business is possible. Stop dreaming and get to painting with Teaberry today! 

What is the cost of a Teaberry Painting franchise?

The initial investment is between $105,875 and $156,265. This includes the $49 500 franchise fee and the setup of the internet-agile operation system.
The franchise fee is discounted by 10% for veterans.

Need help with financing?

Although we do not offer direct financing, we can help you to work with financial institutions that might be able help you finance your venture.