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Two Reasons a Painting Low Cost Franchise for Women is Worth Consideration

Being a low cost franchise isn’t the only parameter to consider when choosing to become a business owner. A franchise should also tap into your passions.

Since we love making the world a brighter place at Teaberry Painting, we are a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and especially women-owned businesses in this industry.

Today, there are more than 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States that generate approximately $1.8 trillion in sales each year. With that kind of influence in the business world, what kind of leadership do you think women provide in the painting industry? What kind of low cost franchise opportunities are available for entrepreneur-minded women today?

Think about the trends today and how they benefit home improvement. People have been quarantined by force or by choice for the past couple of years. They have noticed a few things that could use some sprucing up in that time. That thinking alone has created a spike in the painting industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that in the past 10 years, painting and wall-covering contractors grew by 38.5%.

More people are interested in painting, and more people have proven they are interested in hiring a painter. With a passion for painting, creating color, building crafts, and tackling projects, why wouldn’t more women enter this industry? Painting franchises offer some of the best low cost franchise costs today.

Currently, 29% of all franchises are woman-owned–32% of them opened in the last 24 months. How many of those are in home improvements like construction and painting is relatively low, which means the market is rich with opportunities for a woman to take a chance, follow her passion, and become the owner of a business in this challenging and fulfilling industry. In fact, at Teaberry Painting, we have done our own research and found three great reasons why a painting low cost franchise for women is worth consideration.



It’s always fun when people assume what to expect and then when confronted with their assumption, the look on their face when they realize they are wrong. For instance, you call a painting company asking for an appointment for a quote or even about a low franchise cost to become a business owner. The phone rings, someone answers, and you ask for the boss or the owner. Then…a woman says, “Hello.”

Did you catch your mouth from opening too far? It’s okay to admit if you did. You’re probably not alone at all. It’s possible the business owner even enjoys hearing the surprise on the other side of the call. According to Franchise Business Review, most women looking into owning a franchise look into fitness, education, travel, or child services. That may be another reason for the surprise.

Yet, if you look at current trends in trades, you would see more than 290,000 women in the United States work in trades and lead full teams. We’re talking about electricians and carpenters, plumbers and ironworkers, and painters. That kind of surprise creates an advantage in the industry and the community. If you’re a woman who loves this market and wants to be the owner of a business, there is no time like now to look into a low cost franchise like Teaberry Painting.



According to Psychology Todaynot a bunch of guys with paint stains on their trousers, women inherently understand how a home can contribute to health and happiness. The arrangement of furniture, the style of a room, and the color that greets you as you walk in all make a difference in how someone feels inside the house. How a person looks at a room matters to how someone should paint it.

Further along in that article professionals note that women also place a higher priority and appreciation on “beauty and excellence”.

With a more discerning eye and patience to make something beautiful to look at and live in, a woman would offer a fresh mindset and joy to make your home as great as possible. If you are open to painting your house, but can’t decide what color each room or even the entire house should be, whom would you rather confide in? You want someone with a true comprehension of not only running a business in the industry but also the psychology behind the colors.

In another article (this time by National Geographic), we discover that women are better at discriminating among colors. As the article continues, men may be better at discerning details (another trait that serves franchise owners in this industry well), but there is a science to paint that can work for women.

The study describes that “longer wavelengths are associated with warmer colors,” which women detect easier. The grass looks greener, horizons look yellower, and the sky appears more blue. Did you know that men aren’t as good at distinguishing colors like greens, yellows, and blues? (Neither did we. And we’ve done this a while.)

In closing, everyone loves a bargain. We don’t offer coupons or sale holidays, but you won’t find a more competitive and compelling low cost franchise than Teaberry Painting. What if that bargain allows you to take advantage of two guaranteed traits that you, as a woman, have over men? You would be a fantastic business owner, so let’s get painting!