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What Makes House Painting Companies Near You Successful?

If you are considering house painting companies that offer enticing franchise opportunities to those looking to start a business, there are no shortage of options to choose from. Starting a painting business with no experience in the industry, however, means that specific brands are more appealing than others.

For those of you seeking prospective franchise ownership opportunities without significant experience in the painting industry, the importance of brand selection can not be overemphasized. Of course, selecting a house painting franchise that offers plenty of industry training will be instrumental to the success of your endeavor.

One house painting franchise that has earned a reputation for its planning skills, organizational efforts, and implementation of services is Teaberry Painting. Owning a part of this brand gives you a chance to join a brand on a mission to transform the painting industry… and the futures of franchise owners.

The Story Behind Teaberry Painting

Nestled in Denver, Colorado, Teaberry Painting has earned its reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and professional business, which can be difficult to find with other house painting companies. For the past quarter century, Teaberry Painting has been making customers grin with satisfaction when looking at the results of their home painting service requests.

Teaberry Painting evolved from the vision of retired marine Glen Morrison. Glen understood how difficult it was to find an honest attitude when it came to house painting franchises. So, he set out on a mission to create a brand of innovation, execution, and organization that sets Teaberry apart from the competition.

Armed with a quarter of a century experience in residential and commercial painting, a PHD, and a resume with employment at a Fortune 50 company, Morrison has turned Teaberry Painting into a house painting franchise brand that is recognized for excellence in delivering an unbeatable combination of choice, service, quality and price.

Today, Teaberry Painting continues to positively impact homeowners’ lives. It has become a brand homeowners can trust. Morrison worked hard to differentiate his brand from other house painting companies, and he is ready to open new franchise locations. If you are looking into house painting companies to invest in, Teaberry Painting is a brand that has earned a reputation you would be proud of being a part of.

What the Brand Stands For

Teaberry Painting, in accordance with its mission, aims to provide the highest quality paint services, creating a business model that operates synonymously with excellence as well as organizational growth.

When you invest as a house painting franchise owner with Teaberry Painting, you invest in the brand’s customer service standards as well as its standards for end-product and organizational excellence. This can be summarized, quite simply, as: “Saying what we do, and doing what we say.” Teaberry has years of experience satisfying customers with good, clean, and honest work.

When considering questions like, “what makes house painting companies near me successful?” You should understand that Teaberry Painting considers its reputational excellence a top priority. With thousands of delighted customers over the years, this company likes to make people happy; this is demonstrated by a near-zero complaint record and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How does Teaberry Painting Help Franchisees Succeed?

In 2018, Teaberry Painting implemented a new, innovative operating platform that goes out to all franchise owners. The software handles estimates, proposals, work and paint orders, cost estimates and post-costing, document capture, and staff schedules. Basically, anything a successful house painting franchise needs.

As their coverage area expands through franchise ownership, so does Teaberry Painting’s purchasing leverage with vendors. As part of the franchise, you’ll save significantly on supplies through their advantageous relationships with preferred vendors.

The house painting franchise offers a franchisee training program that mirrors Teaberry Painting’s core organizational values, focusing on empowering decentralized talent within a mutually-supportive business model.

For those of you who want to consider starting a painting business with no experience in the painting industry, you can sleep comfortably knowing that Teaberry Painting ensures its franchise owners are knowledgeable and confident from day one