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    Industry Outlook

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    Learn how innovation and technology deliver results in the painting franchise industry.

    Take advantage of a prime opportunity in a high-demand industry?

    Ready to take your talent to the next level and become your own boss?

    Look no further than a Teaberry Painting franchise. This is your chance to invest in a brand that opens doors for personal fulfillment and a rewarding professional future.

    Make no mistake – Teaberry is more than just painting. It’s a powerful combination of operations management and results-driven performance that gives you the freedom and flexibility you want in your life.

    The Teaberry business concept is designed to bring precision, control and efficiency to an in-demand industry. Business-savvy entrepreneurs like you can transform the fragmented landscape and build a business you can be proud to call your own.

    Did you know that no major player in the painting contractor services industry owns more than a 5% of the market? That means there’s plenty of room to expand your business when you bring Teaberry Painting to town.


    Ready to take your earning potential to the next level?

    An investment in a Teaberry Painting franchise sets you up to scale your business at your pace. Savvy entrepreneurs can start small to learn the ins and outs of running your own business. Or you may bring solid talent in the painting industry and be ready to expand across the residential and commercial landscape.

    • Home interior and exteriors
    • Condominiums and other multi-unit projects
    • Commercial buildings, such as office complexes, manufacturing facilities and churches
    • Add-on services, such as drywall repairs, carpentry services, gutter cleanouts and window washing

    Meet our founder

    Glen Morrison set the foundation for Teaberry Painting franchise with a simple approach: Say what we do, and do what we say.

    That honest attitude is hard to find in the painting contractor industry. But Glen knows his brand of innovation, execution and organization set Teaberry apart from the competition.

    Teaberry Painting evolved from a career path that is anything but ordinary. Glen served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 6 years. Along the way, he earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s in business from Colorado State University. The lifelong learner is nearing completion on a PhD in philosophy from the University of Birmingham in England.

    Glen brought his talents to the corporate world when he joined a Fortune 50 company. That’s where he gained a deep appreciation for securities, accounting, marketing, software and management.

    Add in more than a quarter of a century in residential and commercial painting, and you can see why Glen brings a fresh approach to an industry in need of innovation.

    Today, Glen has built Teaberry Painting franchise into a brand that is recognized for excellence in delivering an unbeatable combination of choice, service, quality and price.

    This is your chance to join a painting franchise that believes in the purpose-driven principles Glen has lived by throughout his career.

    • Good business are not accidental. They are built.
    • Good careers are not given. They are constructed.
    • Good lives are not entitled. They are earned.